Software development with MtConnect04S

A blinking LED tutorial bring you to know how to use MtConnect04S development kit, Step by step, from hardware to software.


This tutorial is applicable with

Step 1. MtConnect04S connect with J-Link

Follow J-Link debugger to setup hardware.

Step 2. download nRFgo and write S110 SoftDevice

Choose one for your Windows version.
Download 32bit: nRFgo Studio-Win32
Download 64bit: nRFgo Studio-Win64


Open nRFgo

a. Click nRF5x or Segger J-Link, which is showed up when PC connect with the J-Link.
b. Click Program SoftDevice page.
c. Download S110 SoftDevice (Link), and extract. There is a .hex file in the directory, s110_nrf51822_7.3.0_softdevice.hex. Click Browse… and select it.
d. Click Program, then nRFgo write the hex file on MtConnect04S.

Step 3. Install ARM KEIL

Go to ARM KEIL site, sign up, then download KEIL installer. Open it and follow instructions. 圖片.png

Step 4. Install nRF51 SDK

Download nRF51 SDK v6.1.0(link)  and follow installer to install. It will be automatically installed in ARM Keil’s directory, under C:\Keil_v5

Step 5. bliny_example application

Open the the project file which is installed by nRF51 SDK

C:\Keil_v5\ARM\Device\Nordic\nrf51822\Board\pca10001\blinky_example\arm\blinky.uvprojxParallels 圖片 4

There is a RGB LED on MtConnect03. The pin definition of SDK is

  • Red: P0_16
  • Green: P0_15
  • Blue: P0_06

In left side, Project view, open main.c,and insert upper int main(void)

#undef LED_0
#define LED_0 15
#undef LED_1
#define LED_1 16


Select nrf51822_xxaa_s110(256k)
螢幕快照 2015-11-27 下午4.22.40.png

Click Project->Build Target螢幕快照 2015-11-27 下午12.18.24

In buttom, Build Output view will show progres and errors.螢幕快照_2015-11-27_下午12_22_07.png

Step 5. Ready to put on MtConnect03

Click Flash-> Download
螢幕快照 2015-11-27 下午3.55.52

Voila! You will see LED blinking with red and green color.




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