Motion sensors on MtConnect03

There are the builtin sensors of accelerometer and gyro on MtConnect03. This tutorial will show how to simply get the value of sensors.



Step 1. What hardware need to  be prepared? Where to get them?

  • Motion Sensor Starter Combo
  • Environment Sensor Starter Combo

Both(spec) set are include MtConnect03 and relative accessories. Please contact us for further information.

Except MtConnect03, you also need J-Link to connect it. Follow the guide of J-Link to know more and setup the hardware.

Step 2. Firmware

⇣ Download ⇣

Follow instructions and you will know how to program MtConnect03 with “SoftDevice” and “Application” file. Then use mtconnect03_motion.hex which you just download, instead of the Application hex file to program MtConnect03.

Step 3. Install MotionDemo.apk

⇣ Download ⇣

Download and install the Android application on your smartphone. When you open it, will see a name with “MOTION_TEST”,  which is from the firmware just be wrote on MtConnect03. Click it, app will show the basic value what sensor measured. Voila!


If you’d like to begin to develop from this demo. Check the source of firmware on GitHub.

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