MtConnect02 OTA updates

IMG_5457_Fotor.jpgMtConnect02 allow you to use app to update firmware. Following instructions use the example of Smart Lighting firmware to show how to do it.

Notice: OTA updates require MtConnect02 already running on mesh firmware. In this case, it requires CSR µEnergy® SDK to update.

Step 1. Power up

Use MtAid01 to connect with PC or MtAid02 with coin battery. If you use MtAid02, make sure battery is new one. In case it lose power during the process.

Step 2. Download apk

⇣ Download ⇣
And manually install to your Android device.

Step 3. Download firmware

⇣ Download ⇣
And move the file into Android via SD card.

Step 4. Open MtM OTA Tool apk

Make sure to turn on the bluetooth, then open the app.

Select MtConnect02. The list will show the nearby devices.Screenshot_2015-12-22-12-16-17_Fotor_Collage.png

Select firmware image which you just download to SD card.Screenshot_2015-12-22-12-15-19_Fotor_Collage.png

Click the Button of Start OTAU to start updating. It will take about 5 minutes.

After the process completed, the light will start blinking.

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