Smart Lighting with MtConnect02

Light control is one of the commonest applications of BLE. Using smartphone apps to control colors, intensity of LED. Following instruction will step by step show how to do with MtConnect02.

We will need Smart Lighting Starter Combo or Smart Home Starter Combo. Required list of hardware which you can find in those combo:

  • MtConnect02:
  • MtAid02:
  • MtAid04:

Step 1. Follow bottom to connect LED/MtAid04, MtConnect02 and the battery board, MtAid02IMG_5468.png

Step 2. Update firmware

Follow instructions, download firmware of mesh lighting at MtConnect02.

Step 3. Pair with smartphone, control

Install Smart Lighting Demo app
Get it on Google Play

Click Scan and Connect. If you launch first time, it will need you to enter a password which is used for secure the devices which will be paired later.

Click . It will list nearby MtConnect02.

LED will turn off if succeed, Then switch to the Color pad, you can change color of LED by the color pad.


Step 5. Unpair

After paired, the MtConnect02 device will belong to the smartphone. If another smartphone would like to take control. Need to unpair first.

Click Group, and long press Light 1 which you’d like to unpair. Then select Delete. The LED will be back to blinking.


App is also available on iPhone. The interface is a little different, but the operation is similar.

We have made a demo video for it.

If you are interested in how to develop with SDK,  click me.

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