Detect vibration by MtConnect03

There are the builtin RGB Led on MtConnect03. This tutorial will show how to to use the sensor data to build a simple application to detect vibration.


This tutorial also apply to MtConnect04 and MtConnect04S. Because both models are not include sensor, you will also need the sensor DK, MtSense03.

Step 1. What hardware need to  be prepared? Where to get them?

  • Motion Sensor Starter Combo
  • Environment Sensor Starter Combo

Both(spec) set are include MtConnect03 and relative accessories. Please contact us for further information.

Except MtConnect03, you also need  J-Link to connect it. Follow the guide of J-Link to know more and setup the hardware.

If you use MtConnect04 or MtConnect04S, because they don’t have motion sensor you should connected they with MtSense03.

Step 2. Firmware

S110 softdevice 8.0  unzip and use nRFgo Studio load “s110_nrf51_8.0.0_softdevice.hex”.


Please download firmware to get the motion vibration example firmware. And use nRFgo Studio load “20151223_vibration_detect.hex”


Step 3. Install VibrationTest.apk

⇣ Download ⇣

Step 4. MtConnect03 interact with App

This videos is show how the MtConnect03 work with Android App, this is same the MtConnect04 + MtSense03 or MtConnect04S + MtSense03.

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