How to program the flash of MtConnect04S

MtConnect04S support Nordic nRFgo Studio. You can program MtConnect04S quickly by nRFgo. We will use a blinking LED application to show to how to program MtConnect04S.

This tutorial is applicable with

Step 1. MtConnect04S connect PC with J-Link

You need a adaptor, J-Link to connect MtConnect04S and PC. Follow J-Link debugger to setup.

Step 2. download nRFgo

Choose one for your Windows version and install Nordic nRFgo Studio.
Download 32bit: nRFgo Studio-Win32
Download 64bit: nRFgo Studio-Win64

Then open nRFgo

Step 3. Write S110 SoftDevice

There are 2 different segments of firmware in memory. They are called SoftDevice and Application. Application is the part of main logic and which we can customize later.

SoftDevice a technology of Nordic. It is a precompiled binary of BLE functions. You can follow Nordic introduction to know more. It saved in a different segment of memory with application. So it only have to be programmed once.

  1. Click nRF5x or Segger J-Link, which is showed up when PC connect with the J-Link.
  2. Click Program SoftDevice page.
  3. Download S110 SoftDevice (Link), and extract. There is a .hex file in the directory, s110_nrf51822_7.3.0_softdevice.hex. Click Browse… and select it.
  4. Click Program, then nRFgo write the hex file on MtConnect04S.

Step 3. Program Application

hex_burninIt is similar with SoftDevice. Browse the firmware file, here is an example of blinky application.

⇣ Download ⇣

Then click Program. It take less than a minutes and the bottom dialog show the progress. Finally, in this case, you will see MtConnect04S begin blinking


Now you already know how to program MtConnect04S. Well done!

Know more about how to customize application