MtConnect03 and J-Link OB

J-Link OB is a single chip solution of SEGGER. They offer to chip vendor to make their evaluation bored. It cost about RMB20~30 in, about TWD300 in PChome ruten. Compare to J-Link debug probe with USD300, it is a more comfortable price. The version in the picture, it comes with 3V3 power. It is also convenient.

This tutorial could apply to MtConnect03, MtConnect04 and MtConnect04S.

There are 4 pins of J-Link OB. Follow the order to connect with MtAid01.

  • MtAid01 Pin:05 ➜ VCC
  • MtAid01 Pin:06 ➜ SWDIO
  • MtAid01 Pin:07 ➜ SWCLK
  • MtAid01 Pin:08 ➜ GND

Then use ARM Keil  to program your code on MtConnect03.