MtConnect04S is ready for IPv6

For IoT sensors monitoring, it is a little bit difficult to connect massive devices. Now we have an easy solution. Use RaspberryPi and open source package to setup a gateway, then MtConnect03/04 can send data to cloud via it.raspberry-pi-logo

This tutorial is applicable with

We connect MtConnect03/04 with the environment sensor DK, MtSense01. And follow Nordic nRF51 IoT SDK to setup RaspberryPi. It uses 6LoWPAN network. And you can choose MQTT or CoAP depend on your purpose.

Our technology provider partner Nordic provides the 6LoWPAN for BLE library. Let MtConnect03/04 connect with RaspberryPi by IPv6. And uses MQTT or CoAP to coordinate multiple MtConnect03/04 devices to broadcasting data.


In our demo, we use Environment sensors starter combo, which include a MtConnect03/04 and a environment sensor DK – MtSense01, to collect thermal sensor data, and send to the cloud service Thingspeak.螢幕快照 2016-02-26 上午9.54.39

If you would like to know more detail, please contact us.

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