Build Eddystone beacon with MtConnect02

Google announce BLE beacon profile, “Eddystone™” in 2015. And there is already an open  source implementation of Eddystone-URL for MtConnect02 on Github

Compare to Apple iBeacon, Eddystone-URL broadcast a text of url instead of UUID. Let mobile device easily access

This demo requires CSR development environment, µEnergy® SDK. To obtain the SDK, you may find the local distributor of CSR or contact us.

Step 1. Github

Go to Github and download the source code for CSR1010.

Step 2. Build firmware

If you are not familiar with CSR µEnergy® SDK., you can follow the instructions.

Now open the project, build and run on MtConnect02.

Step 3. Demo with Google Chrome

On iPhone, Google Chrome is ready for Eddystone-URL beacon. So get the Google Chrome on App Store. Add Chrome widget in the notification center. Then you can demo like the video on top.

Step4. Replace by your own URL

Open file “esurl_beacon_service.c”. Search variable of array “initial_uri” which the url will be broadcast.

unsigned char initial_uri[] =
0x02, 'w', 'p', '.', 'm', 'e', '/', '6', 'Z', '0', 'a', 'T'

It presents a shortened URL of this blog.

Because the limited advertisement packet, Eddystone-URL use a compressed encoding format. Modify the array with your own url and make sure that follow the format and under maximum size 18 bytes. If your url is too long to fit, use shortened URL.

More information:



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