Wireless bridge for cloud

Let connect sensors to cloud.

We are engaging with wireless bridge connect sensors to the cloud and make it easy to access. Now we can show you a sneak peek.

With the wireless bridge, collecting data of sensors will be easier. Via Bluetooth, it will automatically search sensor DKs and collect data, then send to the cloud via Wi-Fi. It supports Acer BYOC and Yeelink now.

wireless bridge ces

The wireless bridge is powered by Ameba from Realtek RTL8711 and MtM M904S. The nodes use MtConnect04S and our series of sensor DKs.


Supports 3rd party devices

Besides our sensor DK series, the wireless bridge also supports the following 3rd party devices.

tBPC – Pulse oximeter


ApexBio – Glucose meter


If you are thinking about how to connect your product with the internet, please contact us.