MtM welcomes a Plus – rebrands as MtM+ Technology

We are excited to announce that our company will be rebranded as MtM+ Technology.


What are the differences?

Founded in 2012, we started our business focusing on module package design and have provided the miniaturized design for a lot of consumer electronics products. We shifted our focus to wireless technology and development kits design, since 2014, and have provided the single interface allowing further development design to release difficulties at the early experiment stage of new products.

Now, in 2017, we have the capabilities to provide the basis of various solutions, from hardware design, software service to field design consulting, from gesture recognition, environmental control to healthcare, and from smart home, automobile computing to industry 4.0.

We help our clients develop the most suitable products across fields and industries with our comprehensive knowledge.

MtM, originally, means “More than Moore.” Moore’s law is the observation on the growing speed of computer’s processing power. As an IC design company, we gave ourselves the goal to do “more than” Moore.

Now, we are capable of being more than an IC maker. We are growing as a leading software solution provider in the industry. So, a plus sign “+” by the original name is added to present our new status.

Our website and email address will remain the same, as well as the Facebook, YouTube, and GitHub accounts.

About MtM+

MtM+ Technology Corporation
7F, No. 178, Sec. 3, Minquan East Rd., Songsang dist., Taipei City, Taiwan
Zip: 10542

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