Press Release: MtM+ Technology launches Data Collection Station, a complete Smart Factory Solution.

[Taipei, Taiwan, Oct 3rd] Smart factory is the inevitable future of manufacturing.  MtM+ Technology is releasing two new products in the Smart Factory sector: Data Collection Station, DCSv1 and DCSv2.   Both products feature Bluetooth Low Power (BLE) technology (with options of Wifi and LoRa) armed with various sensors and controls tailored to the needs of each factory.

With MtM+’s Smart Factory system, it effectively provides a solution for Environmental Monitoring, Preventive Maintenance and Asset Management.  Valuable real-time data can be collected and analyzed for the purpose of both cost reduction and production down-time prevention.  Several machines that need to be serviced can be identified through Smart Factory systems and can be taken out at the same time ensuring smooth manufacturing operation.

As the number of DCS stations grows, a bottleneck is created in terms of data transmission causing huge data corruption.  Through research, it’s found that data collision result in a data loss of as much as 80%.  In order to recover this data, MtM+ has done extensive research and development in Edge Computer technology.   Smart algorithms are developed and tested to battle this issue.  This solution has been tested thoroughly and currently deployed in several companies in the Semiconductor, Petrochemical and CNC Manufacturing industries.

The deployment of these Smart Factory machines in these factories are proven valuable and a cost reduction of 76-83% has been identified.  Beside cost savings, the data collected provided an unseen insight to these operations in the areas of logistics, resource allocation and effective time management.  DCSv1 and DCSv2 are incredibly flexible, reliable and cost effective machines for any large scale smart factory solution.

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