Press Release: MtM+ Technology partnered with leaders in the semiconductor industry launching their smart factory solution.

[Taipei, Taiwan, Nov 6th] MtM+ Technology has partnered with leaders in the semiconductor industry launching their first smart factory solution.  Many months of research with MtM+’s strategic partners identified many areas where smart technology can be effectively applied.  Customized DCS machines were designed and deployed at several factories where real-time valuable data were collected and analyzed.

The first area identified was semiconductor wafer storage.  In order to avoid oxidation, a constant flow of nitrogen is pumped into these storage cabinets to maintain constant temperature and humidity.  These cabinets were not constantly monitored and controlled leading to a high risk of wafer spoilage.  MtM+ installed custom DCS machines to monitor temperature and humidity and applied nitrogen accordingly.  This not only provided savings in nitrogen but implemented a disaster preventive monitoring system which is extremely valuable.

Electricity is one vital component in operating any factory.  Power outages cause downtime for manufacturing, resulting in heavy monetary losses.  The second area identified is power outage due to the overheating of supply circuit breakers.  When these breakers overheat, they will be triggered providing a temporary loss of power.  The factory’s existing solution to this problem is to have a worker to measure this with a thermometer gun and adjust the machine loading accordingly.  This is an extremely manual process and can fail often in the hot summer months.  MtM+ installed custom DCS machines to all circuit breakers at several factory locations to monitor its temperature.  Warning messages will be sent out to modify machine loading if it is above a certain threshold.  Since such preventive monitor system has been installed, no power outages related to overheating has been identified.

Over many months, these two systems were deployed and extremely valuable real-time data had been collected.  Nitrogen cost is cut by 40% and labor cost is cut by 45%.  While cost cutting is great, the most important are deployment of these real-time preventive monitor systems.  These avoided chances of wafer spoilage as well as power outages caused by power breakers overheating.

As the data generated by these real-time preventive monitor systems accumulate to big data, it provided great opportunity for analysis through algorithms with artificial intelligence (AI).  With the available technology, machine learning is possible providing deeper insights and predictions to future disaster prevention.  Installation of smart factory systems like MtM+’s DCS machines is only the beginning to the gateway of big data AI analysis.

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