Getting started with CSRmesh

CSRmesh® is a protocol that lets multiple devices communicate with each other over Bluetooth protocol. It also extends the accessible area even if the device is far away from the smartphone. Mesh devices can relay the messages to the destination receiver.

Here we will tell you how to develop a CSRmesh application with MtConnect02.

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MtConnect02 with CSR µEnergy®


MtConnect02 is the development kit of M903, which is SiP with CSR module, CSR1010. Here will show how to setup the development environment.

Step 1. CSR µEnergy® SDK

CSR µEnergy® SDK is the development environment made for CSR1010. You need an activation code to download SDK on CSR support site. Please contact us to purchase.

Step 2. Download SDK and CSRmesh example applications

If having activation code, you could download SDK from CSR support(Link).  MtM MtConnect02 QSG v1.1 (link)  shows how to step by step.螢幕快照 2015-12-01 上午10.53.19.png

安裝 MtConnect02 開發環境

MtConnect02 是 M903 的開發板,核心是 CSR1010,主要開發環境是 Windows / CSR µEnergy® SDK。

Step 1. 購買 CSR µEnergy® SDK

CSR µEnergy® SDK 是 CSR 系列的開發環境及生產工具 ,需要一組註冊碼到官方網站下載,可以連絡我們購買。

Step 2. 下載 SDK 及 CSRmesh example

有註冊碼之後就可以到 CSR support (link) 登錄並下載 SDK。 MtM MtConnect02 QSG v1.1 (link)  會一步步說明註冊及下載的流程。螢幕快照 2015-12-01 上午10.53.19.png